Flood campaign

Flood campaign

Both major prime ministerial candidates rushed to flood-ravaged Nan yesterday, showing sympathy for the victims and an interest in their votes.

Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva wades through Wiang Sa district of Nan to meet flood-affected residents yesterday. Heavy rain has submerged many parts of the municipality. RARINTHORN PETCHAROEN

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Flooding draws leading candidates

Abhisit, Yingluck both tour affected villages


The suffering of people in flooded Nan province has provided a golden opportunity for politicians to show how much they care about their plight, or their votes.

Both Democrat leader and Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Pheu Thai’s choice for prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, yesterday rushed to visit the flooded communities in Nan.

Provincial authorities and military were deployed at many high-risk locations to promptly extend assistance to residents needing help.

The local business community said the flood had caused severe damage on a scale similar to major flooding in 2006.

Mr Abhisit arrived by helicopter at Nan’s airport at around 1pm to visit flood victims.

Yingluck Shinawatra, the Pheu Thai Party’s top list candidate, preceded Mr Abhisit by making a flying visit to flooded sectionsof the city’s Muang district. RARINTHORN PETCHAROEN

But he was slower than Ms Yingluck, who had arrived at the same airport in a chartered plane 90 minutes earlier, greeted by more than 100 red shirt United Front for Democracy supporters.

Before Mr Abhisit arrived, a number of red shirts who were still milling about after welcoming the Pheu Thai candidatewere asked to leave the airport when about 300 agents were deployed to provide security for the premier.

Ms Yingluck left the airport on a tractor that headed up a Pheu Thai election campaign convoy, with red shirt supporters lining up on both sides of the road leading to the city.

They cheered and waved to her as the caravan inched by on the way to visit flood victims in Muang district.

Ms Yingluck later boarded a boat to visit flood-ravaged communities in Muang district, and she was greeted warmly by her supporters everywhere she went.

Mr Abhisit first went to Wiang Sa district, the area hardest hit by flooding. There, he waded through floodwater to visit affected villagers who also greeted him warmly, many of them welcoming him with flowers.

He later travelled to Muang district for a briefing on the flood by local authorities.

Before coming to Nan, Mr Abhisit ordered relevant authorities to survey damage from the flooding in northern provinces and ensure that affected residents were provided with full assistance.

In Nan, eight small hospitals in three districts – Muang, Phu Phiang, and Wiang Sa – were forced to shut downtemporarily due to about 1m deep flooding, said permanent secretary for public health Paijit Warachit.

A number of mobile medical units have been deployed in the flooded areas to treat sick flood victims, he said.

Several landslides were also reported in Nan yesterday, including on the Pua-Bo Klua road, blocking access to seven villages.

In Mae Sot district of Tak province, staff at Mae Sot Hospital were racing against time to drain flood water out of the hospital grounds after the nearby river breached its banks.

At least two people have died as a result of the flooding in the North and more than 30,000 people in four provinces – Nan, Chiang Rai, Tak, and Phayao – have been affected by the flooding, said deputy government spokesman Marut Masayavanich.

Close to 32,000 rai of farmland and 63 roads in the four provinces were also flooded, he said after a cabinet meeting yesterday.

wade – to walk with an effort through something, especially water or mud ลุย เดินท่องน้ำ หรือ โคลน
residents – people who live in a particular area ประชาชนที่อาศัยในท้องที่
submerge – to cause to be under water  ทำให้จมน้ำ ทำให้อยู่ใต้น้ำ
municipality – a town, city or district with its own local government เทศบาล
draw – to attract or interest somebody ดึงดูดความสนใจ
suffering – physical or mental pain or problems ความทุกข์ทรมาน
opportunity – a chance to do something, or a situation in which it is easy for you to do something  โอกาส
plight – an unpleasant condition, especially a serious, sad or difficult one สภาพเลวร้าย
rush – to move or do something very quickly รีบเร่ง
community – the people living in one particular area ชุมชน
authorities – people who have the power to make decisions or enforce the law เจ้าหน้าที่ผู้มีอำนาจ
deploy – (of police or soldiers) to put in place ready for action ส่ง (ทหารตำรวจ) ประจำการ
risk – the possibility that something dangerous or unpleasant might happen ความเสี่ยง
location – where someone or something is ที่ตั้ง,ทำเล
promptly – in an immediate or quick way ทันที
extend – to offer or give something to somebody ให้กับ, มอบ…ให้…
assistance – help; aid ความช่วยเหลือ
severe – very serious and unpleasant รุนแรง
scale – the size or extent of something, especially when compared with something else ขนาด, ระดับ
similar – like somebody/something but not exactly the same คล้ายกัน
precede – to happen before something or come before something/somebody in order มาก่อน, อยู่หน้า, นำหน้า
section – any of the parts into which something is divided ส่วน, ส่วนที่ตัดออก, ส่วนย่อย
victim – someone who has been affected by a bad situation, such as an illness or an accident เหยื่อผู้เคราะห์ร้าย
chartered – hired especially for the use of a particular group เช่าเหมาลำ
United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) – the group originally formed to demonstrate against the 2006 coup and which supported the Somchai Wongsawat government against the PAD and which is now leading the fight against the current government. They are known for wearing red shirts แนวร่วมประชาธิปไตยต่อต้านเผด็จการแห่งชาต
mill – to move around an area without seeming to be going anywhere in particular
candidate – a person who is trying to be elected ผู้สมัครรับเลือกตั้ง
security – protection; safety from attack, harm, or damage ระบบรักษาความปลอดภัย
premier –prime minister นายกรัฐมนตรี
campaign – a planned series of activities designed to persuade voters to vote for a particular candidate or political party การรณรงค์หาสียง
convoy – a group of vehicles or ships travelling together  ขบวนรถ
line up – to form lines or rows along something  เรียงเป็นแนว
wave – to move your hand or arm from side to side in the air in order to attract attention, say hello, etc โบกมือ, โบกเพื่อทักทายหรือส่งสัญญาณ
caravan – a group of people with vehicles (or animals) who travel together กลุ่มคนเดินทาง
inch – to move or make something move slowly and carefully in a particular direction เคลื่อนไปทีละน้อย, เคลื่อนไปอย่างช้าๆ
board – to get onto a ship, aircraft, train, or bus ขึ้น(เรือ  รถเมล์ รถไฟ เครื่องบิน)
ravaged – destroyed damaged very badly  ถูกทำลาย, เสียหาย, ถูกล้างผลาญ
briefing – a meeting in which people receive information or instruction  การสรุปแบบสั้นๆ
local – in or related to the area that you live, or to the particular area that you are talking about  ท้องถิ่น
relevant – directly connected and important to what is being discussed or considered ที่เกี่ยวข้อง
survey – to make an examination of something to find out about its condition สำรวจ
ensure – to make certain that something happens or is done  ให้การยืนยัน, รับรอง, ให้ความมั่นใจ
temporarily – for a limited period of time ชั่วคราว
due to – because of เนื่องจาก
permanent secretary – a government official, not a political appointee, in charge of a ministry ปลัดกระทรวง
mobile – able to move or be moved around ซึ่งเคลื่อนที่ได้ง่าย
landslide – a mass of rock and earth moving suddenly and quickly down a steep slope แผ่นดินถล่ม
block – to stop someone or something from moving through or along something else  ปิดกั้น, กีดขวาง
access – the possibility of entering a place ทางเข้า
drain – to get rid of the water in an area of land ระบายออก
breach – to break through something ทำให้แตก
bank – a raised area of land along the side of a river  ริมฝั่งแม่น้ำ
deputy – a person whose rank is immediately below that of the leader of an organisation รอง
cabinet – the group of government ministers who make and approve government policy คณะรัฐมนตรี

ขอบคุณแหล่งที่มา :http://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/learning-from-news/244557/flood-campaign



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